Where is the Haunted Attraction Located?
Terror 29 is located at 25753 Cottonwood Ave., Sioux FallS, SD 57107

Will the Actors Touch Me?
Our actors will not touch you, and you are not allowed to touch the actors. If you touch the actors, they may touch you. Do not touch the actors! You are also not allowed to touch the props or sets for your safety.

Are there Clowns?
Oh yes, there will be clowns.

Are There Any Restrictions?
Yes! This is a haunted house attraction. Please keep in mind this isn’t for the faint of heart. There are strobe lights, fog, scary people, bridges, tunnels, animatronics, uneven walking surfaces, motion scenes and special effects. Unfortunately we are not handicap accessible this year. 

The haunt is recommended for ages 12 and older with parental discretion. Kids 10 and younger must be accompanied by an adult/guardian that is 16 and older. We will also be offering a kids day for younger ones to enjoy the experience on Sunday October 27th from 1-4PM! 

What Is The Best Night/Time to Come?
Early in the season the lines are the shortest and Friday’s are usually slower than Saturday’s. The line is shortest early on in the evening. We recommend coming between 7-9PM.

More Information:
We are open through all types of weather, so come prepared. There may also be periods of longer wait times while others are enjoying their visit.

If you are being belligerent, causing damage, or bothering actors/patrons you may be asked to leave the premises immediately for violating these conditions. 

Consider entry if you suffer from any of these conditions: asthma, heart conditions, seizures, claustrophia, or physical limitations. Actors can and will break character in the event of an emergency to make sure you are safe.

No refunds will be granted.