skeleton in Terror 29 frame

Terror 29 Haunt Update

Latest News on Terror 29 Haunted House

Things are coming together so well I haven’t had a chance to write a blog update for you on the Terror 29 haunted house in Sioux Falls… until now! Whew! It’s been a crazy few weeks. We have about 80% of the frames set up, rooms are coming together… and lots and lots of painting!

Our master builder, Andy, put together a super slick system for making 4×8 frames and we had about 70 walls made in only a few hours. After that we began putting them all together via our blueprint design. Some adjustments were made, and things started aligning in really spooky ways. Take a guess how many 2x4s we ordered! Comment your answer! 

Now we are in the process of painting walls, texturing them, testing some lighting effects in the illusion hallway, making costumes, and much more! Terror 29  gets more haunted everyday. 

Huge shout out to HGTV Sherwin Williams at Lowes for donating some paint for us to use! We highly recommend you check them out for any of your painting needs!

Paint for Terror 29 Haunted House

I’ve been somewhat secretive of the two different themes for the haunt attraction, so I figure since you’re awesome and reading this post I’ll sprinkle in a few surprises.

Here is one…

The first theme of the haunted house is abandoned warehouse! I’m still holding out on the second part of the haunt and will announce that theme at a different time. But I wanted to do something different… instead of the standard haunted house where there’s a hospital room, asylum cell, body bag room, meat locker – the usual rooms for a haunted house. For me, it made more sense to theme half of the haunt as an abandoned warehouse – since the building is already a warehouse, it will feel the most real. And there are all sorts of scary possibilities! 

Wait until you see the transition from the first half of the haunt into the second half! My original plan was to do two separate haunted houses, but after working on the blueprint plan it all came together in an epic way. There’s still two different themes but it’s all tied together so well that some might never even notice! We are super excited to share the experience with you all.

building frames for Terror 29 walls

We are still looking for volunteers to help make this the most badass haunted house attraction in Sioux Falls. We’ll need lots of actors to scare, hands to help build, and more. We really are building an awesome family full of Halloween fanatics!

Also, RIP preview night tickets are now on sale until Aug 31st! Tickets are $30 which includes full admission into the haunt attraction, plus a Terror 29 swag bag which includes a t-shirt, lanyard, wristband, and more! The exclusive preview night is Saturday September 28th from 7:30-11:30 and only 100 tickets will be available! Be the first to see Terror 29 before everyone else. Purchase your tickets HERE.